Rev. Alex P. John

served from May 1, 2006 to April 30, 2011
Rev. Alex P. John & family

Rev. Alex P John was the Vicar of the parish from May 2006 till April 2011. He hails from Karuvatta near Harippad in Kerala, and his home parish is Karuvatta Mar Thoma Church. Achen was ordained as a Deacon of the Mar Thoma Church in December 1995, and Priest in January 1996. He obtained his Bachelor of Divinity Degree from United Theological College (U.T.C.) in Bangalore, and has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree before that. He started his ministerial service in the Ranni-Nilackal Diocese as Vicar of St. John’s Mar Thoma Church in Vadasserikara, and also served as Vicar of Karicattur St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church. After that he was assigned to serve in Mundukottu Mar Thoma Mission Field in Karnataka, near Angola Ashram. Just before being transferred to Canada, he was the Vicar of the Baroda Mar Thoma Church in Gujarat. Achen previously also served as a layman for two years as Assistant Secretary of The Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam Center. It was during Achen’s tenure as Vicar here in Toronto that the parish built its own church building facility and dedicated it in September 2010.

Achen’s wife Geena Kochamma hails from Pallipad near Harrippad in Kerala, and her home parish is Pallipad Mar Thoma Church. She is a graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (B.Com), and has an active interest in the Choir. They were married in June 1996, and have two sons — Reuben J. Alex and Joel M. Alex.