Rev. Reji Issac

serving from January 1, 2023
Rev. Reji Issac & family

Rev. Reji Issac hails from Niranam, Kerala  and belongs to Niranam Jerusalem Mar Thoma church.  Rev. Reji Issac was ordained as a Mar Thoma priest in 2007.  He completed his Bachelor of Theology in 1997 and completed Bachelor of Divinity in 2004 under Serampore University.  He served in the following parishes in Kerala-   Elamkulam, Mundakayam, Andoor–Pera,Mezhuveli ,Punnamoodu  and Valanjavattom.

Rev. Reji Issac’s wife is Julie Reji who is hail from Karavaloor, Punaloor, Kerela and belongs to Kereeth Mar Thoma church Karavaloor, Punaloor.  They have two boy- Jilow A. Issac and Jims A. Issac.

Rev. Reji Issac joined our parish as the Assistant Vicar of St. Mathew’s Mar Thoma church from January 2023.